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AdSense is a good choice to earn money and the best thing is that it's free..
To have an activated adsense account a Google email (gmail) account is needed. Google offers two kinds of programs i.e.,
1. Hosted program and
2. Domain hosted program
In the first program i.e., hosted program activation of account is quite easy as compared to later (domain program) because an AdSense hosted account allows you only to monetize your content that you created on AdSense host partner websites such as YouTube etc. The activation for second program (i.e., self-hosted domain program) is little difficult.
If you already have an active AdSense account, we suggest you reading Tips to Increase AdSense Revenue

Two kinds of Adsense Accounts

1 Hosted Account (AdSense host partner websites)

Adsense Activation
Activation of hosted account is a simple and for this you just need to create a YouTube account, after creating an account you need to upload a unique video to your account without changing the original sound and applying background music to it, after uploading the video you have to  monetize  your content by Google hosted account. To activate Google hosted account click on channel settings located in the left hand side toolbar, then click on the monetize button, now monetization for your content is enabled, after enabling monetization click on the link "how I will be paid", once you clicked on the link you will be asked for the registration, complete the registration by accepting to the terms and conditions of the Google, providing them correct and accurate information, etc.

2 Self hosted Account

For self-hosted account activation you need a self-hosted website or blogger (sub-domain sites), before making an application to Google for AdSense account activation you should go through the following points:
a)      You should have your website or blog,
b)      The content of your blog or website should be unique quality content,
c)       Your blog should be at least six months old (especially in countries like India),
d)      Read AdSense T&C before submitting your application.

            However you can give a try to the alternatives available to adsenseMany peoples needs alternatives to adsense as it is very tough to get the adsense account activated due to Google strict policies.  So here is a list of some good adsense alternatives which also provides earning program for publishers. Following are the some alternatives to adsense:

1)  Revenue hits : RevenueHits is a contextual ads service and good alternative to adsense. Revenue hits provides CPA, CPM, Text Ads, Pop Ups, Apps & Widgets, XML Feeds. Minimum payout via paypal is $50.

Click Here To Go To
Link to Clicksor
2)  Clicksor: Clicksor provides banner, popups, and text ads. however cpc of clicksor is low as compared to google ads.

Click here to Go to
Link to Chitika

3)  Chitika: Chitika is a pay per click (PPC) contextual ads service.
   Why Chitika?
> It shows ads relevant to the site content,
> Referral program as an addition,
> Control over ads format and provide ads customization.

Click here to go to

4)  Infolinks:  Infolinks provides Tag Ads., Text Ads. and InSearch Ads. Payment method are: 
1 Wire transfer to bank and
2 Paypal account.
To signup to infolinks click on the link given on the right side;

Other earning opportunities includes Affiliate Marketing

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